01. The rebels are demanding [autonomy] for the area under their control.
02. In the American political system, each state is run by an [autonomous] government.
03. It is important for our organization to remain [autonomous] from the government so that we can make decisions which are free from political influence.
04. The vast territory of Inner Mongolia is an [autonomous] region within China.
05. Barcelona is the capital of the [autonomous] region of Catalonia in Spain.
06. The Dalai Lama has said that waging war for the cause of freedom can sometimes be justified, though not in the case of Tibet's dream of [autonomy] from China.
07. The aid organizations are working [autonomously] in the area hit hardest by the civil war.
08. The company has branches in several different countries, each of which operates [autonomously].
09. The professor treats each student as an [autonomous] individual capable of reaching his own conclusions through proper research and analysis of the facts.
10. Local [autonomy] will allow us to find the best possible solutions for the unique conditions of our communities.
11. Greater [autonomy] gives us greater freedom, but it also demands greater responsibility.
12. Each of the subsidiaries of the corporation has a fair degree of [autonomy], which has allowed them to develop their own strategies, but which also means that they sometimes seem to lack an overall plan.
13. The U.N. Research Institute for Social Development is an [autonomous] body which is responsible for doing research into issues of social and economic development worldwide.
14. Denis Waitley once advised, "Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the [autonomy] to make their own decision."
15. Vaclav Havel has remarked that without free, self-respecting, and [autonomous] citizens there can be no free and independent nations.
16. Certain groups are demanding an [autonomous] Sikh state in India.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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